“The Best Short Story I Read in a Lit Mag This Week: ‘Wind on the Moon’ by Katie Burgess”– Ross McMeekin, The Ploughshares Blog

“… Burgess is heartbreakingly funny. I tried valiantly to be offended, but it was impossible.” –Mary Florio, NewPages

“Burgess writes with an honesty so clear it aches.”– Stacey Balkun

“I’ve never read in the literary biographies how Lydia Davis and Donald Barthelme hooked up, but the result is clear: Katie Burgess.”–George Singleton

“Katie Burgess’s sly and sharp stories take you on a trip through the secret soul of America.”–Diane Roberts

Katie Burgess lives in South Carolina. When not writing, she devotes her time to feeling anxious about writing.

Contact: burgess [dot] kt [at] gmail